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Hanoi Scooter Street Food Tours
Sightseeing +Food
4 hours by Scooter
Price : 59 USD
All included
City+ street food
8 hours by Scooter
Price :
85 USD
All included
Street food tour
2 hours by scooter
Price :
35 USD
All included
Vegetarian tour
3 hours by scooter
Price :
45 USD
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Fodie Adventure
3 hours by scooter
Price :
55 USD
All included
Famous street foods of Hanoi

Bun Cha Hanoi

Banh Cuon Hanoi

Pho Hanoi

Banh Mi Hanoi

Nom Bo Kho Hanoi
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Banh Cuon Hanoi (steamed roll rice pancake)
Banh Cuon is a Vietnamese traditional dish that is easy to make but still very attractive. Besides the common Banh Cuon, you can ask the staffs to add meat, eggs or some other ingredients. It will make the dish more tasty and delicious
he origin of Banh Cuon is traced back from Northern Vietnam, no matter the exact date and time Banh Cuon was initially made, people seem not to deny that Banh Cuon has been made for years and served over and over. Banh Cuon is classified under wrap and rolls dishes in Vietnamese cuisine as a dedication to it nature and the name itself. The dish features a thin and delicate steamed rice sheet fills with a variety of filing then rolls it up. Visibly, a roll of Banh Cuon is finished from two main ingredients, steamed rice sheets and fillings. Rice sheets are made from the mixed batter of rice flours, tapioca starch and sometimes potato starch. Traditionally, makers grind white rice to have fresh rice flour in mixing with other ingredients. Only a small batch of rice is grinded each time to make enough rolls for consuming in a day. That tradition ensures no leftover rice flour is being used for the next batch to keep every roll is freshly steamed. While packed rice flour is now available at most markets, many questions raise regarding the hidden reason people still proceed with time consuming process. In the South of Vietnam, a popular roll is Banh Cuon with ground pork stuffing. It serves with Cha lua, bean sprouts, julienne Vietnamese basil and cucumber, fry shallots and Nuoc mam cham (mixed fish sauce). This is available in the market while Banh Cuon with filling is ordered in many restaurants.
It is surprising how we compare foreign food experience with what is familiar back home. Similarity can, more often than not, allow us to resonate with a dish which we may not know how to pronounce yet remember the taste as good as if we have tasted it daily. Such is the case for bánh cuốn. And we tasted the best yet in Bánh Cuốn Gia Truyền.
And in case you wonder how to read it, bánh cuốn, is pronounced close to "baan guan".
Before it was formed into a roll and served to you, it started off as a thin pouring of rice batter, forming a steaming hot sheet. Fillings were then added into the sheet before it was rolled onto your plate. Bon appetit!
The first impression which Bánh Cuốn gave us was its similarity to chee cheong fun (the Hong Kong variant instead of the usual Malaysian and Singaporean version; to know how the former looks like, read my account in 2012 HK Trip - Good Start Restaurant ). It was served in the form of a steamed roll of rice batter filled with delicious ingredient, the latter of which depended on what we wanted.
Bánh Cuốn Gia Truyền had 3 different variants up for offer - pork fillings, chicken fillings and shrimp fillings. To aid readers in knowing what to expect, I have listed them as was shown in the menu, although English names were assigned to each dish, so non-Vietnamese diners would have no problem ordering their dishes.
bánh cuốn nhân thịt lợn - steamed roll rice pancake with pork
bánh cuốn nhân thịt gà - steamed roll rice pancake with chicken
bánh cuốn nhân tóm tươi - steamed roll rice pancake with fresh shrimp
It is one of Hanoi's favorite breakfast item, but we foreigners ended up taking it for supper. It matters not what time of the day you take it, for it is truly one of Hanoi's representative food, part of a list of must-try food when one landed in the city.
To sample bánh cuốn, it is essential to understand how it is usually consumed. By itself, the pale white rice batter is silky smooth and soft but otherwise rather bland. This is where the filling comes in to lend a solid texture and adds flavor to the roll. Hong Kong's favorite chee cheong fun comes in uncut rolls, but bánh cuốn is served sliced up into manageable chunks.
To further distinguish itself from the former, it is served with a separate bowl of clear amber dipping sauce, a bowl of nước chấm, essentially fish sauce or fish soup in Vietnamese. The owner noticed our blank look when the aqueous sauce was served, so with some miming (he couldn't speak English very well, but was still very helpful) he explained that we were to dip the lumps of bánh cuốn into it before consuming.
The dish of bánh cuốn was so delicious that we ended up eating most of them without dipping, the flesh contained within the roll flooding the palate with sweet meaty goodness. Dunking it into the sauce would lend a sweetness to the dish, and when we curiously took a small sip from a scoop, it tasted different, itself a slight sourly taste. How it added sweetness to the bland rice batter is truly a mystery.
We availed ourselves to all three variants of bánh cuốn during our stay in Hanoi, and we unanimously concluded that the pork version was the best. The fleshy taste just found no competition in the lighter shrimp and chicken variant.
Bánh cuốn is served with pale amber nước chấm, which is fish soup in Vietnamese. The former comes in 3 variants in Bánh Cuốn Gia Truyền - pork (VND35,000, about RM5.60), chicken (VND45,000, about RM7.20) and shrimp (VND50,000, about RM8). We heartily recommended pork for its tasty and fleshy flavor. You will be given more nước chấm if you ordered a few dishes of bánh cuốn.
Bánh cuốn may be the main dish under Bánh Cuốn Gia Truyền's namesake, but it was not its only offer. Heavy diners like me would not survive the night with just bánh cuốn in my stomach, however tasty it is
Hanoi Scooter Food Tours
Sightseeing old quarter, French quarter, local markets, famous city attraction + Tasting street food,drink
Duration : 4 hours - Best time to do : 8h00 AM - 10h00 AM and 16h00 PM
Meeting point at Room 209 Kim building 74 Hang Bac Street - Hoan Kiem - Hanoi
Price /Person/Number of people in Your Private Group Solo ( 01 Pax ) 2 to 3 Pax 4 to 5 Pax 6 Pax up
75 USD 69 USD 65 USD 59USD
Group Tour 6 to 10 Pax
Street food tour by Scooter
Price : 59 USD/Person
3 Set departure times/01 day at 8h00 - 10h00 & 16h00

Included : Motor bikes,Scooter Guide-Drivers,food,drink , pick up & drop off at your hotels
Note : Sample 7 different street food dishes + 03 different local drink
Itinerary & Visiting :
  • Meet your Tour Guide - Experience Scooter Drivers at Your hotel or home address .
    Tour around Hanoi’s Old Quarter,French old quarter and Hoan Kiem Lake. Take a number of short stops to take photos and learn about the history of the Old Quarter for sightseeing & taste local street foods
    Ride around the city, outside of the Old Quarter for sightseeing Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum,West Lake,Tran Quoc Pagoda .
  • Stop to taste famous street food in Hanoi Bun Cha or Pho Cuon
    Continue our trip by sightseeing Long Bien Bridge - Long Bien is only one of the five bridges crossing the Red river of Hanoi. However, it may be the most special bridge with unique historic, architectural, and cultural value. It is the only bridge in Hanoi where all the riders have to go in the left hand side, where tourists can take a walk and taste mouthwatering desserts offered by vendors (see 5 street vendors you should not miss out in Hanoi), where Hanoians can buy fresh vegetable or fish for the dinner from the small afternoon market on the bridge.
  • Drive back to old quarter to visit hidden coffee shop to taste Egg Coffee
    - Our Scooter Drivers will take you to any location in the Old Quarter or to your hotel. End of tour.

4hour sightseeing + food by Scooter 2 hour street food on a back of scooter Foodie Adventure 3 hour tour
4 hour street food scooter tour Hanoi
Hanoi Scooter Food Tours
Add : Room 209 Kim building 74 Hang Bac Street - Hoan Kien - Hanoi
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