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Hanoi Scooter Street Food Tours
Sightseeing +Food
4 hours by Scooter
Price : 59 USD
All included
City+ street food
8 hours by Scooter
Price :
85 USD
All included
Street food tour
2 hours by scooter
Price :
35 USD
All included
Vegetarian tour
3 hours by scooter
Price :
45 USD
All included
Fodie Adventure
3 hours by scooter
Price :
55 USD
All included
Famous street foods of Hanoi

Bun Cha Hanoi

Banh Cuon Hanoi

Pho Hanoi

Banh Mi Hanoi

Nom Bo Kho Hanoi
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Halong Bay Vietnam
Hanoi street food walking tour - Hanoi Street Food Tours By Walking - Walking food tours Hanoi
3hours Lunch & Dinner walking tour Dinner + puppet show walking tour Hanoi nightlife food tour by walking
Hanoi Old Quarter Sightseeing + Street Food Eating tour on the back of a Motorbike
Duratation : 3 hour Tour included : Sightseeing + Visiting Local Market + Eating street food +Drink local Beer & Egg Coffee
Price : 45 USD/Person / Group tour of 4 to 12 people -
Included : Scooters, English speaking scooter guide drivers,sifgtseeing fees, all street food, local beer and egg coffee
Everyday departure time at : 11h30 AM and 18h00 at Your hotel or Our Office .
The old quarter of Hanoi sightseeing + foodie itinerary :Hanoi Motor Bike street food tour
A fun ride to the most popular tourist attractions in old quarter of Hanoi. Learn the history of each famous site from the unique perspective of our guides.
Not only will you learn some fun and interesting facts about of each of the places we take you on the tour, our guides will tell you things only a true native of Hanoi knows. For example: Why do so many young people hang out in street at noon & night? why local people like eating street foods in old quarter of Hanoi?
The tour offers a good mix of both famous attractions and lesser known markets and sites that the big tours cannot go to.
We offer the tour at lunch time and dinner time, when all most street food shops are opening and we will have an excellent chance to taste many different street food,drink.
Sample the most amazing dishes that Vietnam has to offer! Taste your way through cuisine from North Vietnam, Hue and The South! The "Foodie" is the most acclaimed food tour in all of Vietnam , and is designed to introduce you to the dishes and desserts that most food blogs and other tours don't really touch upon! We will take you to the most popular street stalls and hidden alleyways in the city and show you where the locals really love to eat! So save your appetite, delight your palate and let us fill your tummy with delicious and authentic Vietnamese food!
Our Foodie tour focuses on street food; dishes that most people outside of Vietnam have never had a chance to experience.....so no Banh Cuon,Pho,Banh Mi, Bun Cha, Bia Hoi, Egg Coffee ! We also won't make you to eat bugs or anything too weird...unless it's a request. :)
The Foodie Tour is only available in the evenings when most of the street vendors open for business. All food & drinks are included in the price! You get at least 8 entrees, dessert and drinks (yes...local beer is on the menu!) on this tour. The portions are generous, and we'll keep on ordering food as long as you keep eating !
Duration : 3 hours - Everyday departure at 11h30 AM & 18h00 Price : 45$/Person

Included : Scooters, English speaking scooter guide drivers,sifgtseeing fees, all street food, local beer and egg coffee 
4hour sightseeing + food by Scooter 2 hour street food on a back of scooter Foodie Adventure 3 hour tour
4 hour street food scooter tour Hanoi

Best Motor Bike Tours in Hanoi
Hanoi the capital city of Vietnam, a well-known and popular city throughout the world not only for its exceptional aesthetic natural scenery but also for it’s more than a thousand years of historical background, with a French colonial character, attraction include several well-preserved structures, lush green park and the beautiful street, where variety of exotic and popular dishes are found just like Bahn Cuon, Bun Cha, Chao Ca, Xoi sticky rice, Pho and also Bun Rice Cha. You can easily enjoy the best food in Hanoi and it’s the best way to know the country and its people. Its a rare combination makes a truly amusing experience even for the most discriminating of travelers. Hanoi Scooter tours package can give you maximum pleasure which is not possible from other place. Through this special package you can get Hanoi Street Food Walking Tour, Hanoi Street Food Veteran Tour, Scooter Food Tour, Hanoi Adventure Food Tour, Cyclo Street Food Tour, Street Food Water Puppet Show, Hanoi Day Tour with the best costs and best services. They have expert and experienced guide who can give you unlimited pleasure and enjoy. Through any one of these tours you can easily relieve from your physical stress and work pressure and easily get a touch of natural environment. Its a great chance to enjoy this historical city with your family or friends or loved one through Hanoi Motor Bike Tours in your vacation and free time. So visit the site to know details information about Hanoi Motor Bike Tours and book a suitable tour from the special packages. Happy Tour in Hanoi

Hanoi City Tour by Scooters
Hanoi is a fun spot. It however does not lack the hustle and bustle of any major city, similar to those around the world. Scooters are the best way to get around the busy transport situation of Hanoi. Scooters are not only fast, they are effective, practical and best of all, they are cheap.
Hanoiscootertour.com provides the best service for tourists and visitors wanting to have a feel of the beautiful scenery and architectural edifice that Hanoi has got to offer.
Hanoi’s features and the great fun experience you stand to get is why you should make Hanoi your next stop for that hugely anticipated vacation. Our excellent and reliable services are why you should choose hanoiscootertour.com as your tour guide when you come visiting.
Hanoi’s excellent combination of beautiful sites and great dishes cannot be perfectly savored and effectively combed without the service of a tour expert. That is where we at hanoiscootertour.com come in.
We make sure your experience as a tourist in Hanoi is not blemished and that is why our Hanoi city tour by scooters service is the best package for you. It seems pretty difficult to completely and effectively comb the whole of Hanoi in a few days, even as one intends to taste the food of the community. That is we have made in a complete package to include a food tasting trip in a Hanoi city tour by scooters package.
Tourist get to enjoy all what Hanoi has to offer. With the package that includes a tour guide, a driver, different exotic foods and drinks, drivers and entrance fees tickets, you are in for the best 8 hours of your entire lifetime.
The Hanoi city tour by scooters starts with a hotel pick up at 8:30 am. Various historic and fun stop will be visited. Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum and his Stilts House, Presidential Palace and the One Pillar Pagoda nearby, the Temple of Literature, which is the first university of Vietnam, are part of the early morning visits before lunch is taken at a local restaurant.
Lunch is followed by visits to West Lake or Ho Tay with lovers Thanh Nien Street, the historical sedate Tran Quoc, which is by the way the oldest pagoda in Hanoi and Quan Thanh temple and one of the city's museums, which could either be the History Museum or the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology.
The best is left for the last, the tour ends with a visit to the Hanoi Old Quarters, also called the 36 Streets. That completes the wonderful Hanoi City tour by scooters experience.
The experience is worth more than thousands of dollars. You however, get to relish this opportunity more as the tour package comes at an extremely cheap price of just $85. Isn’t that incredible? All of these for less than $90.
Why don’t you make that special one feel really special even as your pocket smiles. Make that visit to Hanoi today and let Hanoi Scooter tour take you on a memorable journey that will last for a long time in your memory.

In today’s busy life, stress has become a part of everyday life and sometimes it can take a toll on our mental and physical health. Most stress is never truly dealt with and as a result most people are left feeling overwhelmed and burned out. According to research, unresolved stress can cause a variety of health problems, such as high blood pressure, severe anxiety, weight loss, mood swings, depression, and even death. Therefore, finding ways to relieve stress is one of the most important things you should do.
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Hanoi is a beautiful city located in the north of Vietnam. It is one of the best cities in Asia with beautiful scenery and bustling city life. Hanoi exudes an interesting mix of history and culture along with, a modern cosmopolitan vibe. Being a French colony in the past, it is easy to see the rich cultural heritage with historic architecture combined with ancient Asian tradition. In addition, you will find a variety of exotic dishes that lined the city streets. Surely, you would feel constantly tempted to partake in an early breakfast with their world-renowned Vietnamese coffee or savor the goodness of their rice noodle soups. And the most fun thing is, you can travel in Vietnam is by scooter. By traveling on a scooter, you will experience authentic Hanoi more than you ever would with a hot crowded bus tour.
Looking Hanoi travel agency offering trips to the scooter is easy. On the internet, you will find hundreds of agencies offering trips in Vietnam with scooter. However, there is one that is popular, that is hanoistreetfoodtour.com.
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Hanoi Scooter Food Tours
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